>Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today is my 22nd birthday.

Wish myself a always happy girl.

Happy Birthday! Yeah!

Baby, I'm too lost in you
9/19/2006 11:02:00 PM

>Saturday, September 02, 2006

I stayed at home on friday night and woke up early this morning, hoping to accompany my mum. As I never really stayed home on friday night, and thereafter not home on saturdays.
Sad to say, she will going for her medical check-up and I am unable to accompany her as I will be having an appointment with Jean Yip Salon later on at 1.00pm. And then 5pm meeting the others at Bugis. Awwwwwwzzz!

Bishan Library will be opening in another 15 - 20 minutes time. I am so excited ! ! !

Baby, I'm too lost in you
9/02/2006 09:44:00 AM

>Friday, September 01, 2006

I think one cannot deny to put one of the wonderful memories online. You see happy, people see, people envy. That is life.
Yesterday watched a VCD on Buddhist teachings. We are all born with a heart of gold but was blackened by the evil teachings of the outside world. We are always judged by how much money you have, what kind of job you are in, the status you are in, how many cards you have.
Well, the fact about me that I cant deny I love Gucci! And my legs wobble whenever I see one hayabusa on the street. That is about me. I think I have just two obessions, very weak ones.

I had my braces tightened today. It is horrible. I can feel the tension in the clinic today. The dental assistant isn't in good mood today. My dentist isn't that cheerful today. Perhaps they had a fight before I went. The mood just wasn't right. Normally they are a group of happy people.

Oh yah, going for a gathering tomorrow with Christopher, Shaowei, Fazlinda and finally Juleana who just came back from her studies in Australia. It has been two years since the last time I met her at our Graduation Day. Well, I still remember her saying that she is going over to Aust to s
tudy for her degree course for like 1 and half years. Goodness, I feel old again. I don't know why but the feeling of turning 22 is too much for me to bear. Then when I went to bathe today, I suddenly thought of my good old friend, Yinzi - whom I know her since secondary one. A person with a simple thoughts, no evils doings and a friend in need. A friend whom I can trust in and just a good old friend of mine. Hence by thinking of that, next year...will be 2007 and that marks the 10th year knowing her!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL? That is so bad...10 years knowing each other. . . . . . Are we growing old that fast??!!

I am going botox sooner or later. Cheers to my youthfulness and lastly to my lasting cheerfulness. Definitedly my wish to get back my heart of gold which was taken away from me 2 years ago.

Signing off.

Baby, I'm too lost in you
9/01/2006 11:18:00 PM

>Thursday, August 31, 2006

As usual, I went to gym today. After the first 45 minutes of combat lesson, my heart raced. My head spins. I feel like vomitting. Then I feel spinning again. I sat on the toilet bowl and begin to cool down and doing some warming down exercises. God! I still feel quite unwell.

haiz. Im getting really weak. Should get more warm ups next time.

Baby, I'm too lost in you
8/31/2006 12:15:00 AM

>Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's been a pleasure to see my line-up events done up last friday. Finally I get to rest. No more committee members committment for the next few months. The customer day held at Le Baroque believed to be a success and yipee!

Here's Hazel Lian and Me - we realized that we are actually former ex-nypians from sbm after several donkey months..!

Heres me with connie from c.s!

And Sze Sze and me!

Baby, I'm too lost in you
8/20/2006 04:14:00 PM

>Thursday, August 17, 2006

What makes you the person now is how your upbringing is done. Or it maybe the environment you are in now.
What makes a person so crude and annoying also depends on the character of the individual. You may hate it so much that you want to hang the person right away. OR, you may like to do the alternative way which I often recommended to people who brought up this topic.

Is to LIKE the person. AKA: Make your enemy as your best friend. Simple as that. Make that 'special' someone like how you treat your best friend. You will be amazed by how pampered the person you hated most becomes your pet of the year. It comes to a point that you will start to crawl around the people like honey bees, trying to attract every soul like your favourites. Believe me or anot, it works like hell.

Be careful people, know your limits and know who are your real friends. Know your limitations and know the reality! Goood luucck!!

p/s: kindly note the above mentioned is about the working environment.

Baby, I'm too lost in you
8/17/2006 11:30:00 PM

wow! thanks EHA and CH. Nice to hear from you guyz. Im really impressed. cos' someone is really peeping in here! it so cheezy and I love it. ;)

Anyway, I just came back from bangkok with of cos a huge of shopping bags now. I bought not so many and I want to go again!! It's too cheap there. Eat and shop non-stop. That's it = fat mouse.

Oh yeah, I did my very first virgin CAPOEIRA FITNESS in gym today! It was so thrilling and anxious for me. Cos' the class is just too little people and makes me feel werid...Hmm.
As usual, I'm not so-fast-a-learner and at some points, stoned a little and there. I was alone of cos. It's great. Fun and sure go again next week if no OT.
I was walking home and thought of something. We all went through secondary education and always had this P.E lesson scheduled in our time-table, isn't it? And do you remember you, yourself skipping all those lessons cos' you are too lazy or just do not want to sweat out or simply find the lesson a hassle or boring.
And people these days actually PAY to go exercise aka go gym. Erm. I'm saying these as I am not guilty cos' I attended almost 99% of the PE lessons. How about the 1%? Erm, too busy with my cca activities back then. Oh yeah, too active until poly times still busy till fail exams. Im just too stupid.
Back to the topic, oh yeah...just I was talking about people paying to go exercise, including myself. I think we are too blessed then to have everything lined up properly for us and we just don't appreciate the things we have.

Time to reflect. I will try yoga tomorrow. It will definitedly help me to see through my soul.

Baby, I'm too lost in you
8/17/2006 12:18:00 AM